Saturday, March 08, 2014

Watching Mad Max For The First Time

The other day, I watched a trilogy of movies that I had never felt compelled to watch before.

The films in question - the Mad Max series.

The original came out in the year that I was born. Part two came out two years later and the third installment was released in 1985.

I know the series had been critically acclaimed. I just didn't have any, pardon the pun, drive to sit down and watch them.

The series is currently available for streaming on Now TV. As I have a free three month movie trial with the service, I've been making the most of it and watching as much as I can.

I thought they were good.

I know that Mad Max II was the inspiration for a few things in professional wrestling. For instance, the most popular gimmick to spawn from the movie was the Road Warriors tag team.

The main villain was called 'Lord Humungus'. If you recall, Sid Eudy's original moniker was named after him. Both character and wrestler wore ice hockey goaltender masks as well.

Another thing ripped off from the movie was a quote.

Chris Jerico used to call himself the 'Ayatollah of Rock N Rollah/. Well, one of the characters in Mad Max II used that very same line.

We could also go so far as to say elements from the third movie - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - were ripped off by World Championship Wrestling.

I saw a spin the wheel make a deal concept in it. Let's not forget one of the main parts of the movie being inside a steel cage named the Thunder Dome.

Didn't WCW have a thunder cage?

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