Friday, February 28, 2014

Thoughts On The WWE Network

The World Wrestling Entertainment Network launched on Monday and it was interesting to see how much trouble people had signing up.

I know it sounds bad, but people finding difficulty registering for the Internet service has to be a good sign, right?

The Network is only open to people within the United States of America so I had no intention of ordering it. However, I found out that a number of people from this side of the pond were able to fiddle with the settings on their computers, tablets or games consoles and - with a bit of help from an unblocking service - were able to register and enjoy the channel.

I was intrigued so signed up on Wednesday with a one week free trial just to see how it is.

It is awesome. 

When it works.

I changed the settings on my Playstation 3 so have been using that. 

The WWE Network holds a library full of WWE, ECW and WCW pay-per-views from the past and also has a 24/7 channel. 

There's one problem, though.  The on demand service is kind of patchy. I have tried watching a few pay-per-views from the past just to see how they play and I've noticed they stop and start in places. Some didn't even start at all.

That's one turn off for me.

The live stream seems to have worked better although I did notice jumps when watching a short programme on Wednesday night. 

On the subject of the programme, it was a top ten catchphrase rundown. It was filler programming similar to what you would find during the off-hours of the NFL Network.

$9.99 a month, with a six month commitment is a decent price when you consider all the pay-per-views will be live on the Network. This includes WrestleMania XXX. Think about it, 9.99 multiplied by six is $59.94. Convert that into pounds and we're talking around £35.99. 

How much is Sky charging for each monthly pay-per-view these days? Fifteen quid?

Even if I'm just paying for the six or so live PPVs, it's a deal.

Now all I have to hope for is the live stream is good for the main shows. I can't shake off the feeling it won't be and WrestleMania XXX is going to be a wash. 

It's worth the risk, I suppose. Especially at that price.

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