Thursday, December 26, 2013


And it's all over for another year.

The 'Yesterday' posts seem to be as much a tradition on this blog as the 'Diet of Christmas Films' one is so I just thought I'd write a few words on how my Christmas went.

It was quieter than usual this year, I suppose.

My nephews, sister and her boyfriend came over for a few hours and then went off to another home for Christmas dinner. They left their dog, so it was once again a dogsitting Christmas for yours truly. Not that it bothers me.

I had quite a few cool presents again. I received a number of interesting books, once I have read them I'll post about them.

Oh, and I also watched the soaps. Why, oh why do they go through the same old rubbish every single year?

So monotonous!

And that's it really.

Roll on the Boxing Day football.

Back tomorrow.

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