Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Movies Are Back

I was sat on the sofa scrolling through the cable channels yesterday afternoon when I noticed something I hadn't seen since January.

Christmas 24.

Christmas 24+.

And then, as I went one channel further: True Christmas.

Yes, folks. The Christmas branded movie channels are back for another season.

As per usual, the regular Movies 24 channel has been given a rename for Christmas whilst True Movies has been coated True Christmas.

I'm unsure whether this is the first time True Movies has changed its name to coincide with the plethora of Christmas films that will air.

I had a quick look through some of the titles that are going to be on over the next day or so and noticed a few that I have already watched in the five years of doing my annual Christmas Day blog post where I write about the films I have watched in the weeks leading up to the big day.

I still have an envelope full of DVDs left over from last year's recording. I started pressing the red button over some of the titles I saw listed yesterday so I'll no doubt end 2013 with another envelope ready to open up this time next year.

Which means I now have to start getting ready to watch some films.

You'll see the end result on December 25th.

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