Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ten Days Of The Hitman & Groberman Show

A few weeks ago, I noted how Bret Hart had started doing a ten-date radio show with a broadcaster named Josh Groberman titled The Hitman & Groberman Show.

The initial run is now over and I think it would be fair for me to write another review of it.

As I mentioned in the post two weeks ago, one of the things they did on the show was have a number of fake guests and thought the idea was lame especially taking into account the audience were never informed that some of these voices were mimicked.

With that said, the joke rubbed off on me and I did find myself looking forward to the 'feud' the hosts had with an angry - yet fake - Ric Flair.

The show did have a number of real interviewees, however. Jim Duggan, Sergeant Slaughter, Sean Waltman and 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper all made appearances.

As the days wore on, there was another thing that niggled me and that was the callers.

It seemed to me that the same people were ringing in each day. I understand that the idea of having Bret Hart as a radio host was unique and people wanted to grasp the chance when they could but it got a little repetitive. It got me wondering about those who maybe couldn't get through.

All in all, it was an interesting ten days and the only thing I was truly concerned about was how Hart being involved with a fake Ric Flair would spoil the concept and - like I mentioned - it ended up being a fun subplot to the two week run.

I hear the show may be brought back in the near future and will definitely be listening again.

I just hope a lot of other Hitman fans get the opportunity to call in next time.

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