Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cover Story

EA Sports and ESPN are holding a vote to determine which player - or 'players' - will feature on the cover of the Madden NFL 2012 game which is due out in August.

The vote started off earlier this week and it has a player from each team facing off in a tournament bracket. The fans will decide which player they prefer in each match-up and then, after four weeks, the winner will be decided.

I'm guessing the Super Bowl MVP - Aaron Rodgers - will end up securing overall victory although there is one 'player' that I would love to see grace the cover.

The Seattle Seahawks' representative in this vote is their noisy '12th Man'.

It would be an interesting to see Seattle Seahawks fans instead of a regular player on the shelves. It may also be a message to the owners and players bearing in mind the current labour stoppage that is putting the season in jeopardy.

So, bearing that in mind - they're going to continue getting my vote. I hope they do it.

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