Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Who Is Coming On 2-21-11?

On Monday's WWE Raw, a vignette aired of a person in a long trench coat walking up stairs in an abandoned building.

The numbers '2-21-11' then flashed up on the screen in flame orange.

It has caused many people to speculate with many leaning towards it being Sting.

I would like it to be Sting but I won't be building a hope up anticipating it.

It makes sense for him to be involved in the build up to this year's WrestleMania as it is emanating from Atlanta - the home of WCW - where Sting became a big name in the late 1980s and upwards.

Other names being predicted are - Triple H and, the most likely choice, The Undertaker.

I'm sure I will return to this subject before the 21st.

But, in the meantime, my bottom line is - it isn't Sting.

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