Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have been relegated from the Premier League of the tipping contest I am in.

It was a hard season which saw me in the lower end of the table for a majority of the time. It seemed that every tip I predicted failed.

Last week, I made one big pick on Chelsea to get me out of the relegation zone.

They drew.

I had one last shot yesterday in a double featuring Shrewsbury Town and Elgin City.

The Scottish side went 1-0 down so I discounted my chances of safety there and then. I looked back at the score a few minutes later and they were 3-1 up.

There was a slim chance of walking away a winner.

Shrewsbury's game was 0-0 all through the afternoon. I waited for a goal to come their - and ultimately my - way but it wasn't to be.

I finished the season with around £20 in virtual money. A loss of £80.

The new season begins next week - the comeback is on!

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