Monday, February 14, 2011

The Post That Could Go Offline

I'm currently typing this post up as a chorus of house alarms are sounding around me.

There have been a number of power cuts due to road works taking part near me so I am not sure whether it will go off again.

I can't even blog from my mobile as the website doesn't seem to work with Apple phones so I'm just going to leave something here just so I can keep my streak of continuous blog posts going.

As I am unsure whether the power will go again, I'll just do some quick notes today rather than write something lengthy (by my current standards).

- I have the radio on and listening to Keys and Gray on TalkSport. They are twelve minutes in and so far so good. I'm still waiting for the brown nose callers to ring up and defend them for what went down the other week. When this happens, I'll switch off.

- I was lost last night. With no NFL, the first Sunday after the Super Bowl is always difficult to find something entertaining to do. It's like trying to adapt to life after leaving prison (apparently).

-Coincidentally, I watched part of the Hell in a Cell DVD last night before I got bored with it.

-If you ever want to send the good looking yet arrogant person you know a Valentine's Day message, here's one for you: Rose are red, violets are blue, I think you're sexy, and so do you.

-Those alarms are still going off!

- Remember that accumulator I did the other day? It was going great until the Real Madrid game last night. I needed two goals to void the selection. The final score was 1-0 to Madrid. I also had Boca Juniors - who played last night - they lost 4-1 so at least I had more than one loser on the bet. Had there been just one, I would probably be a little vexed.

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