Monday, February 07, 2011

The Next Day

And there ends the NFL 2010/11 season.

What is it, though? Is it the 2010 season or 2010/11? I'm always confused with that one especially when you say 'so and so won the 2009 Super Bowl.' Do they mean the team that won it in 2009 or won it in the 2009.

Look at me. You can tell I haven't had much sleep!

I thought the game was good. I couldn't get as in to it as I have done in previous years as it was too tough to predict (for me, anyway) and that's why the majority of my Super Bowl bets were on totals and props. I couldn't decide which team would walk out as winner.

Green Bay deserved the win. Pittsburgh were very close at the end and, if I am honest, I was rooting for them in the final few minutes because I wanted to see them snare victory from the jaws of Aaron Rodgers.

As for the season - it was the best one I have had in three years. I just set up the final standings on the spread sheet I use to keep track of my winnings (and losings) and I closed out the season with £276.14 profit.

Better than a smack in the face.

And that's it for betting for now. I can't see myself having a gamble until next season.

If there is one.

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