Monday, January 31, 2011

The Booker T & Kevin Nash Controversy

By the time this gets posted, it will be an hour before the start of the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view and I feel it's probably best to get it out before anything goes down.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's looking very likely that Booker T and Kevin Nash have signed deals to return to World Wrestling Entertainment at tonight's show.

Their signings are bigger news than they usually would be because TNA had planned on bringing the pair back at their own TV taping this Monday.

Booker and Nash were in the Main Event Mafia faction a few years ago and it was looking possible that they were being brought back by Kurt Angle. 'They' were being promoted for for weeks by TNA and their return seemed imminent.

The only problem - neither had signed a contract with TNA and were free to go wherever they pleased.

And where the money was right.

It shows a lack of skills by those in TNA - and possibly Spike TV, who were involved with this angle in some capacity - by alluding to the return of certain wrestlers when they weren't signed up and committed to the company.

It's an amateur mistake and one that could be costly for the company in the long-run.

Sure, they have shown signs of being inept in the past - I just feel this was one of their biggest failures to date.

I know of one solution they could make to rectify this problem. It won't happen, though.

TNA could bring in Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin - the former Team Angle in WWE. They won't be the big names that TNA were hoping for but they would be associates from Angle's past that could - and would - make sense from a storyline perspective.

But that's the problem. It makes too much sense.

TNA doesn't work that way.

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