Friday, November 26, 2010

Point Five

I am gutted.


Damn it!

I had an email from Coral last weekend offering me a free twenty pound bet. All I had to do was stake twenty pounds and I would be given a free one to play with.

I didn't take up the bet initially as I thought I would wait until yesterday's Thanksgiving games.

So, I woke up and looked at my stats and there was nothing that took my fancy in the three games on offer.

I should have left it but wanted to take up the offer as it was set to expire at 23:59.

I chose New Orleans with the handicap of minus 3.5 points with the real stake of £20 and then did the free bet on the game between Cincinnati and the New York Jets.

The New Orleans game was the second of the three and they were leading 17-0 at one point. For the first time in a long time, a thought crossed my mind to bet on Dallas and try to break even just in case they came back to win...

Or lose by less than four.

I decided I would stick to my guns and not try and middle it. After all, I have never really covered myself in this way before so there was no need starting when the team were seventeen points ahead.

Or so I thought.

The game ended New Orleans 30 Dallas 27.

I've won by half a point a few times this season but losing by one is harsh.

Very harsh.

I now have to hope the free bet works in my favour so I only end up two pounds in the red.

I'm not holding out hope, though.

The moral of the story is simple - don't bet if you don't have a feel for it. I decided to bet because I wanted to take up the offer and should have picked something for the upcoming weekend that looked far more appealing.

Back to the drawing board.

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