Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Judgement Day For Linda

It's looking unlikely that Linda McMahon will become the next Senator for the State of Connecticut.

I'm judging my opening sentence on what I have heard and read over the past couple of weeks. As I don't know much about American politics, I am going to have to go with the majority and doubt that the former CEO of WWE and wife of WWE owner - Vince McMahon - will win her campaign.

But, it will make for a good story should she win.

McMahon winning a place on the U.S. Senate will be incredible and will surely become one of the most historic wrestling news stories ever.

I have to admit that, as a wrestling fan, this is such an intriguing story should - and that is a big 'should' - she win.

With that said, I am just as intrigued with the fallout from a loss.

You see, Vince McMahon and WWE have been doing their best to aid Mrs. McMahon any way that they can.


Sort of.

There is no coincidence that the tone of the programmes has been family-friendly over the past few years. I'd hazard a guess it came around the time that both McMahons decided the Senate dream was worth chasing.

The 'Stand Up For WWE' campaign was also in response to the company being attacked by the media when they have been reporting on Linda's attempt to become Senator.

And let's not forget about the videos that have aired on Raw and Smackdown with WWE employees touting how great their employers are and showing how much work they do for charities. These schmaltzy videos were well made and really did show the positive things the company can do - I just feel that the timing made them look desperate.

I am not denying that they do these great things for sick children on a near daily basis, I just feel uneasy seeing it and knowing they are only airing these clips because they have an agenda.

You cannot deny that she has had a massive machine behind her. And it seems like it has been for nothing if I'm to believe how things are looking.

What happens when this blows up in the McMahons' faces?

What happens if it doesn't?

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