Sunday, November 28, 2010

Countdown To Lockdown

Mick Foley's fourth - yes fourth - autobiography, titled Countdown To Lockdown, ends with him asking the reader to express our emotions about this book out loud unless these emotions are not positive.

So, I guess that means I should stop here.

Sorry, Mick.

Firstly, I want to say from the get-go that I have enjoyed the three previous Foley memoirs. I have even read the two works of fiction he has written and didn't dislike any of them as much as this recent offering.

Countdown To Lockdown was good.

If you're Mick Foley.

The autobiography follows on from 2007's Hardcore Diaries in a somewhat familiar vein. The third installment chronicled Foley's build-up towards his match at the second WWE ECW pay-per-view. This new title shows Foley getting prepared for a bout with Sting at a pay-per-view for his new employers, TNA.

The schism between Foley and WWE is covered. I get a feeling he could have written a lot more about this split and his feelings towards Vince McMahon. I sensed Foley was holding back when highlighting this part of his career. Maybe he didn't want to completely burn the bridge he crossed to get to Total Nonstop Action.

The ego of Mick Foley is at its worst throughout the pages. He continually name drops. I was also put-off by the constant tooting of his horn in regards to the charity work he does. Don't get me wrong, I applaud anyone who helps any charity work. I don't, however, appreciate the people who constantly go on about it. It comes across as insecure.

I guess the entire book is a testament to Foley's professional and personal insecurities.

I don't want to seem harsh in my opinion but this was how I received it. I liked all his other works but this was definitely the worst and one that should be passed on.

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