Friday, October 29, 2010

WWE Legends Of Wrestling : Heatseekers

There is an interesting WWE DVD which is exclusively on sale at the Silver Vision website. It is currently priced at £6.99 and well worth it if you're interested in learning a bit about some backstage personalities within professional wrestling.

WWE Legends of Wrestling is a monthly programme on the WWE 24/7 on demand service that is available on cable television in the USA. The DVD that I purchased is one of the episodes from the series. The topic of this particular episode looks at the most controversial performers to have wrestled.

Legends of Wrestling : Heatseekers features Jim Ross as host of a round table discussion which includes Michael Hayers, Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler and Eric Bischoff.

These names alone have a strong link to the history of pro wrestling so it is interesting to hear their tales of their interactions with some of the big names and the politics that they were a part of.

To be honest, I heard about ninety percent of these stories from reading books, magazines and newsletters but having these men sit there for a little over an hour talking together makes this a fun watch and adds strength to what I had already heard.

The people talked about include Lex Luger and how he much 'heat' he had with people from the locker room due to how arrogant he was coming out of pro football. Interestingly, Bill Goldberg - who also has a football background - was similar.

Scott Hall and the demons that have plagued his career was also discussed along with many others.

One of the funniest story was offered by Jim Ross and detailed a telephone conversation he had with Buff Bagwell's mother.

The DVD also includes about eight matches involving some of the names highlighted in this discussion so is well worth the relatively cheap price that it is currently at.

Judging by this one example, Legends of Wrestling appears to be a good show and I hope that Silver Vision decide to release other episodes in future.

Either that or Sky get the series and air them on TV each month.

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