Sunday, April 18, 2010


I caught the first episode of Facejacker on Friday night and I absolutely loved it.

The series is made by the same comedian behind the successful Fonejacker TV programme.

Fonejacker was made up of prank calls played by a cast of many characters. This time, Kayvan Novak brings his alter-egos to life by interacting live in the public rather than over the telephone.

There were moments in the initial episode where I had tears rolling down my eyes because I thought it was hysterical.

I did, however, find it difficult to believe that Terry Tibbs was able to last on the live bidding channel without getting found out who he was.

Fonejacker won a BAFTA television award so - bearing in mind the amount of cameramen, production staff and hosts he managed to dupe into believing he was a legitimate person - it should have been known by at least one person working within the business who Terry Tibbs was.

With that said, I loved the drive-thru chip shop segments as well as the art show hosted by Brian Badonde.

It's worth going out of your way if you liked Fonejacker and enjoyed Beadle's About, Candid Camera or any other series that preyed on the unsuspecting public.

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