Monday, May 15, 2017

Renewed For Season 5

One of my predictions for 2017 has failed.

And I'm glad.

In the first post of this year - just like I have been doing for quite some time - I made a few bold, and a few mild, guesses for what was then the upcoming fifty-two days. 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will be cancelled' was one of these.

It was confirmed late last week that the US channel - ABC - has renewed the series for what will be its fifth season.

In my opinion, that's quite a surprising development because - when I made the guess in December - I had read that the series had been performing poorly in the ratings and it was touch-and-go whether it would be renewed.

Knowing how cutthroat TV is over there in the States, I thought the writing was on the wall.

That's not to say I wouldn't miss the series.

It's one of the shows I watch the most. We're approximately three quarters of the way through the fourth season over here in the UK and I've stuck with it since the very first episode.

I look forward to seeing how this run closes out and seeing how the next season fares.

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