Saturday, April 08, 2017

The Grand National 2017

Can lightning strike twice in succession? I doubt it.

But, I'm gonna try.

In 2016, on the day of the Grand National, I published this post where I named the horse that I had backed. It was Rule The World.

Well, this horse ended up winning.

At 50/1!

I wrote about it the following day in a lengthy post where I explained a few of the reasons why I chose it. To cut a long story short, I threw the form book out of the window and went with the name.

If Rule The World was running today, after re-reading some of  last year's reasoning for picking the name, I may have jumped on the horse again.

I once again had a Scarface moment with a successful weekend of WrestleMania betting.

And that's not all.

I was playing a trivia game sometime this week and the question 'what was written on the airship in Scarface?' came up.

As I wrote last year, the answer is 'The World Is Yours'. I linked the throwaway line about Scarface and the 'World' and concluded that I would pick THAT horse.

I am sure I would have settled on it in 2017. But, alas, it isn't racing today. I have to look elsewhere.

The main horse that I'm selecting for this early evening's race  - based on its name - is Rogue Angel.

The reason why is because Rogue One comes out on Blu-ray this coming Monday. I've had it on pre-order for a few months, but I had to cancel that particular order this morning as I had became aware that there's a 3D version of it and wanted to get that edition instead.

Cancelling and reordering the title was the first thing I did today. I then looked through the list of runners. Rogue Angel stood out.

As noted above - I doubt that I'll win two years on the trot. I was lucky last year. And in 2005. All other times have been a wash out.

Win or lose, I'll write about the race tomorrow.

By the way, after publishing this post, I looked a little more closely into Rogue Angel and have just realised that the horse's trainer - Mouse Morris - trained last year's winner!

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