Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Reaction To Sunday

It seems that the WWE debut of Sting was quite a hit among wrestling fans.

And more.

I've seen stories about Sunday's closing angle to the Survivor Series on some mainstream sports blogs. This in itself is big.

In my opinion, obviously.

Ideally, the coverage this has received will result in lapsed wrestling fans return. It would be foolish of me to even consider a 56-year old wrestler's debut in a company that he had never worked for before a way to kick-start a boom period.

It could, however, do a lot of good for the WWE Network. 

Considering WWE gave away the month of November for free to new customers of its Network, I think the shocking scene at the close of Survivor Series was, what one of the mainstream articles used as an analogy, a Hail Mary pass. 

Now it's all just a waiting game to see if those that came in in November stick around for December. 

And beyond.

I truly hope WWE scored a touchdown on Sunday because the Network needs some points on the board.

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