Monday, June 20, 2011

Gary Hart's Book Republished

In August of 2009, I read and subsequently reviewed the autobiography of Gary Hart. I noted how this was the best wrestling book I have read.

The review can be seen in this post..

Since reading the book, I have gone out of my way to tell anyone looking for wrestling literature that they should seek out this autobiography. The problem with my endorsement was availability. It was impossible to secure a copy as two print runs were successfully sold. I contacted the ghost-writer, Philip Varriale, on occasion and he was helpful in letting me pass on his knowledge that copies of the book would occasionally show up on EBay.

I received a press release from Philip's email address the other day and I'm glad to report that the book has now been reprinted. Here is the entire release:

Due to consistent high demand for another printing, and dubbed “the Holy Grail” of wrestling books after the first two printings resulted in instant sellouts, a third print run has been ordered and copies of “Playboy” Gary Hart’s autobiography, My Life in Wrestling, are now ready for shipping.

Reviews of the book follow:

About. com – Eric Cohen

One of the best books ever written about wrestling…The best book that details the rise and tragedy of the Von Erich family

Post and Courier – Mike Mooneyham

Gary Hart book a winner…one you won’t want to put down. It’s one of the best pro wrestling autobiographies out there, and that covers a lot of ground.

Scripps News – Alex Marvez

Compelling…great read…a 472-page epic.

Jim Ross

I strongly encourage that all wrestling fans read the late Gary Hart's autobiography…his book is awesome…fascinating read and gives one a vivid, visual picture of the inner workings of the biz from one of the greatest wrestling minds and mangers of all time… the Gary Hart book is superb…one of my all time favorite wrestling books.

SLAM! Sports – Matt Johnson

One of the best ever…a blast to read…one of the most informative, in-depth wrestling books ever written…a virtual encyclopedia of wrestling information…so rich with content that the same information could have been spread over three books…If professional wrestling history was a class, this book would be required reading …All I can say is that wrestling fans should purchase the book. They will have a hard time finding a wrestling autobiography that competes … Simply put, wrestling fans who do not read this book are punishing themselves, as it is a treasure.

My Life in Wrestling…With a Little Help From My Friends—a ruthlessly honest autobiography from one of the greatest wrestling minds of all time—is available at

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