Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Premier League Season Handicap Betting Revisited

Last year, I dedicated a post to explaining how season handicap betting works. As the season has now been and gone, it's time for me to return to the topic and look at how the final table looks now that the actual and handicap points have been added.

Here is the July 26th 2010 post in full:

I spent yesterday night looking through the season handicap betting that some bookmakers are offering.

These bets are confusing for the lay bettor but here is my best way of explaining:

For example, Newcastle United have 37 points in this bet. In May, when all the games have been played, these points are added to the amount the Magpies have accrued throughout the season. So - say they have 24 points in the proper Premier League table - the total, including the handicap points, would be 61.

Then you have to factor in the points attained by all other teams as well as the handicap points that the bookmakers have assigned to each team.

It seems tricky doesn't it?

A few years ago, I tried this bet with the Scottish Premier League picking Celtic who didn't have any extra points.

I lost the bet as there were other teams within the league who were able to beat Celtic with their added points tallied up.

The Premier League 2010/11 season handicap intrigues me. I've looked at the last few seasons and averaged out the points that each team have made and then applied the extra points just to see what the potential results could be.

The teams standing out right now are - Tottenham Hotspur (+19 points at Stan James, +16 everywhere else), Aston Villa (+25 points) and Blackburn Rovers (+37 points).

With each-way betting paying out on first to fourth place, I am contemplating putting one of these teams into my season bet.

It's a crapshoot of a bet but it's one that has a good payout if you're lucky.

Below are the teams and points that are currently available at Stan James:

Chelsea (scr)
Man Utd (+3)
Arsenal (+9)
Tottenham Hotspur (+19)
Man City (+7)
Aston Villa (+25)
Liverpool (+15)
Everton (+23)
Birmingham (+36)
Blackburn (+37)
Stoke (+39)
Fulham (+37)
Sunderland (+33)
Bolton (+38)
Wolves (+42)
Wigan (+42)
West Ham (+39)
Newcastle (+37)
West Bromwich Albion (+46)
Blackpool (+49)

With all that sorted. Here is how the 2010/11 Premier League season went: The total points are in parenthesis:

West Bromwich Albion (93)
Wolves (92)
Blackpool (88)
Fulham (86)
Stoke (85)
Bolton (84)
Wigan (84)
Manchester United (83)
Newcastle United (83)
Tottenham Hotspur (81)
Sunderland (80)
Blackburn Rovers (80)
Manchester City (78)
Arsenal (77)
Everton (77)
Birmingham City (75)
Liverpool (73)
Aston Villa (73)
Chelsea (71)

And there I was with a bet on Aston Villa!

I think the trick is to bet on teams near the bottom of the betting list. I'll have a look at next season's handicap betting when the market is opened up in a few weeks.


  1. Have looked at this season??

  2. Yes, I will be posting my picks next Tuesday or Wednesday.

  3. The past season's results are here, if you were looking for them:


  4. would you have to write down all the teams and there handicaps at the start of the season???

  5. Yes, or print them off.

    You'll need the handicap number of every team to work it all out in May.

  6. Here's a link to the post where I cover 2014/15 season handicap betting in Leagues 1, 2 and Championship:

    League 2, League 1 & Championship

    Will do another once the Premier League season has ended.