Friday, February 20, 2009

Mini Posts

It's one of those posts where I cover a few topics.


I must have subconsciously came up with yesterday's post as I had read about Verne Gagne and the current situation his family have found him in.
The former AWA owner and promoter is suffering with Alzheimer's Disease and got violent with one of the patients at the home he is staying in.
The patient passed away the other day which must be harsh for all involved considering Gagne was not of sound mind when he did what he did.
When I read about that, it reminded me of when I was at a care home back in the late-90's visiting my Aunt. My parents had gone on holiday with my Sister and they asked me to go visit her, so I did.
She didn't recognise me at all and I remember sitting in the lounge room with her and she just had this look on her trying to work out who I was. Then, another old woman was right in my face and staring and standing in front of me. '
You're sitting in my seat,' she growled . I apologised and sat on another seat but it was this that made me realise just how much Alzheimer's had hit my Aunt as she wouldhave stood up for me.
I guess what I was trying to say is that disease can take people's lives away even if they are still breathing and - from my own experience - I cannot find Verne Gagne to blame for what he did. It was just one of those unfortunate things to happen.


There is a charitable auction running on Ebay for the last ever pick and mix from Woolworths. I looked this morning and the bidding was at a little over £330. I was tempted to make a bid to bump it up a bit but, knowing my luck, I would probably end up winning something I didn't want. It would be like this guy I once knew who bid on an autograph of a Bristollian 'karaoke' player for a laugh and ended up winning. The person in question would be embarrassed if I named them!!


It was quite surprising to read that the actor who played the steroid dealer in The Wrestler was arrested the other day.. It was even more surprising to find out he was busted for dealing steroids!


You know, I've never liked her and the way she's been marketed. I've been disgusted with her, in fact but I feel a bit sad for her right now.
Part of me still believes whoever is pulling her strings was wrong in to put her on TV when there was a cancer test result looming yet the other part can see that there has been good that has come from this by getting people to check themselves out. If her situation has saved at least one life, that's good enough for me.


Forget that WrestleMania XXV poster I had on here the other day. There's a new one out that has Steve Austin out of the picture. I guess we aren't seeing the return and retirement of 'The Texas Rattlesnake'.


It may sound mad but I haven't really had time to circle matches that I like. I'll definitely have the selections up by 10am tomorrow, though.

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