Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Whatta Day

There are people out there who have a worse day than I have, but I feel that I have to get this one off my chest.

First, speaking of getting things off my chest, that was kind of an ironic wording because - as I lay here on my bed typing this post - I have a cold that has carried over from yesterday.

The second thing that has annoyed me today is - once again - Sky decided to move WWE Raw from one channel to another for the next three weeks due to tennis coverage. I thought I had all this covered by following the Sky Sports WWE Twitter account so I could be alerted of such changes.

I woke this morning only to find the programme hadn't recorded due to it having been moved to another channel.

The Sky Sports WWE Twitter account had mentioned the change, so it was partly on me for not noticing. This does not absolve the company of irking me with the programme being moved every now and again, though!

And then there was the hunt for a copy of the Racing and Football Outlook.

I went to many shops in my area  this morning in the hunt for a copy of this week's issue of my favourite sports betting newspaper only to come away with nothing.

This week's issue is important for my blog as I like to use the paper's pre-season football guide with my season handicap bets that I've written about each year.

The good news is that I have finally managed to get myself a copy. The bad news is that time is no longer on my side in getting it all done today. Therefore, the post - where I go through all my season handicap betting picks for the Championship, League One and League Two will have to wait until tomorrow.

It will be here tomorrow.

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