Thursday, June 01, 2017

Movie Days Of Yesteryear

My nephew was here yesterday and we spent a few minutes on Amazon Prime Video looking through the movie titles to see if there was anything he would like to watch.

It led to me reminiscing of the old days. You know, the old fashioned way of picking a movie to watch by walking along the rows and rows of video cases that were on display in video shops.

Seeing my nephew ponder what the watch was exactly how I would work when I'd dawdled through the store working out what I wanted to watch. Only, he was ordering me 'next.. next.. next' rather than virtually walking through a video shop.

It's so much easier for the young movie watchers of today.

Another thing that I remembered during my moment of recollection to a bygone time was the red 'Film On Loan' marker thing the staff used to put on cases of films that were unavailable.

That used to bug me! I don't know how many times, I was enticed by a cover only to notice the red notice a split second later.

That's something we'll never see again.

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