Friday, May 05, 2017

The Order

There was a bit of a panic going on yesterday. My father received a text message from a well-known store informing him that the order he had placed would arrive between 7am and 6pm in a few days.

The problem - he didn't order anything.

I investigated it as best I could, but ended up having to get in touch with the company to notify the staff about the incorrect information.

My initial guess was the proper customer had added the incorrect phone number.

Anyway, it turns out that my suspicion turned out true. I received an email earlier this morning stating that the customer was my father's 'text door neighbour'.

Never knew that term before today, but - after looking it up - it makes sense.

If you too live in the bubble, a 'text door neighbour' is a person with a similar number to yours albeit the final digit is either one higher or one lower than yours.

That's the first of what could be many lessons learned today.

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