Monday, March 27, 2017

It's Finally Here...

It's finally here...


Okay, okay, that was quite over-dramatic with all caps, but it is one of my favourite weeks of the year.

I don't know what I'll be writing about through the week, but it'll mostly be about pro wrestling. There may be a day or two where I write about something different. It depends on the mood I'm in, I guess.

What I do know for sure is that the Friday post will cover the Hall of Fame. Ever since the start of this blog in 2006, I've always written about the Hall of Fame on the day of the ceremony. It will be no different this time other than it's on a Friday rather than a Saturday because WWE has brought the event further this year. I guess it'll be like this from now on with NXT TakeOver events taking place on the Saturdays before major events.

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