Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Neighbours Impasse

There have been reports that Viacom and Fremantle Media are have met an impasse when it comes to renegotiating the contract to air Neighbours on Channel 5 here in the UK.

This means the soap opera could very well end up being taken off the air for the first time since it launched on these shores in 1986.

Apparently, there's an online petition where fans of the programme are asking for the negotiations to be sorted out.

As someone who has witnessed these negotiations from following the NFL TV deals in this country, I can only imagine what the hardcore Neighbours fans are going through right about now. The NFL UK forum always goes into meltdown whenever a new deal hasn't been reached, so I am sure the same sort of thing is happening wherever the Neighbours folk hang out.

Hopefully something gets worked out because I am worried that, if Neighbours leaves our screens, it will be Home and Away that will be next for the scrapheap.

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