Saturday, January 02, 2016

10 Years Of Blogging

Time has flown by so much.

As I write this, it's nearly 1pm on New Year's Day and the post will be set to publish in eleven hours from now. I wanted to write this at this time of day because it's more or less a decade to the day of my first post.

Yes, it's ten years since I first put pen to paper fingers to keys and published my first post. 

And what a post it was.

I sat there for a short while wondering what to write. And I came up with a random introduction.

Without patting myself too hard on the back, I think I've improved.

This blog started off as a way to do something new for 2006. I started off slowly with a post here and there and then by the summer of that year, I had changed the approach and decided to see how many daily posts I could put up before I missed a day.

Well, I haven't missed one. And there might be an occasion where I accidentally published two in a day. 

I have phoned it in at times. There have been days when I had nothing to write about and settled on the first thing that came to my mind as the fingers hovered over the keyboard.

I've also written some of the stuff I look back at and think 'Wow, did I really do that?' One such post was published hours after I realised that Chris Benoit had killed his wife, son and then himself. It was one of the toughest posts I had ever tackled because one of my favourite wrestlers had done such a dreadful thing. Lots of people I know have noted to me that they thought it was a good piece.

In 2013, I spun off from this blog and created a wrestling betting blog and that has been an even more fulfilling project because the content covers two of my favourite things: wrestling and betting. Plus, I haven't restricted myself to putting out one post a day there. The nature of what I do over at the aforementioned website/blog means I am going at it rapidly on PPV Sundays. And I bloody love it!

2013 also saw me spin off to create which was a blog where I wrote about sports betting in general. I sort of failed that one. I couldn't balance the three blogs. In the mid-point of 2014, I realised that one of the three blogs had to go. It wasn't a hard choice, so I turned into a website promoting bookmaker offers.

Everything that I have done wouldn't have happened had it not been for this blog you're reading right now, though. 

Here's to another ten years of writing random stuff on a daily basis!

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