Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Finish To Week 13's TNF Was Greater

In a post published on Thursday morning, I wrote about how much I thought the end of the NFL's Monday Night Football game of week 12 (2015) was great.

And it still is.

However, the end of the NFL's Thursday Night Football game of week 13 was greater!

The Green Bay Packers were 21-23 down with seconds left on the clock. They attempted to get a pass into the endzone but were thwarted. However, Aaron Rodgers was tackled by a Detroit Lions player (Devin Taylor) and the referees called the penalty and gave the Packers one last shot. The clock was at zero so it was make or break.

And they broke Detroit.

Rodgers threw a sixty-one yard Hail Mary pass into the end zone to Richard Rodgers. He caught the pass and the rest is history. The game finished 27-23 to the Packers.

It also helped that I had money on Green Bay -3!

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