Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Owen Blu-ray Looks Good, But I'm Not Buying It

I watched segments from the new Owen Hart DVD/Blu-ray that WWE released earlier this week and think it looks very good.

These clips were on the WWE Network where subscribers can have a 'First Look' at the latest releases. It's more or less a long commercial.

What I found interesting about this documentary is the list of names that were brought in to discuss Hart's life. The usual cast of characters were brought in like his brother Bret, Jim Neidhart but a person who struck me as a surprise was Lex Luger. I wasn't shocked that he was included as he was around the WWF during Owen's run as one of the top heels in the company. Just surprised that he finally made his way back to WWE's good books in ways (there was a lot of heat on him back in the early 2000s following the death of Miss Elizabeth).

With all that written, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of buying the DVD/Blu-ray.

Owen's widow, Martha Hart, has been against the idea of WWE profiting from her husband in any way. She has stuck to this opinion ever since Owen was killed during the Over The Edge pay-per-view in May of 1999. And rightfully so. When news of the DVD came out, it was alleged that Martha had given her blessing to the release only for her to come back less than a day later to point out that she was not in favour of the title being published.

I would have gladly purchased this if I knew that the profits were going to the Owen Hart Foundation, but - from everything I have read - this isn't the case. So, it's a no buy from me.

It's a shame really as the parts I viewed on the Network would have forced me to order it immediately.

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