Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finally Catching Up To Australia

I was watching The Wright Stuff the other day and the actor who plays Karl Kennedy in Neighbours was on the panel.

He noted something interesting regarding the Neighbours airings in the United Kingdom. From early January, the UK and Australia will get the same episode of the soap opera on the exact day.

So, the Aussies will only be a few hours ahead of us.This must be a mind-blowing to those who followed the soap back in the 1980s when the series was eighteen months ahead.

The reason why we've caught up is because the soap takes a break during Christmas. Funnily enough, I recall reading an article in a magazine when I was a child that predicted the year that the UK would catch up to the Australian airing of the show. I'm unsure if the mathematics worked out. I sort of wish I still had that magazine to refer back to right now.

Unfortunately, I won't be watching. I gave up on the show many moons ago. Back when we were maybe a year behind!

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