Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Across The Lands 2015

I was planning to publish something about the National Lottery Advent scratch card today, but think it's worth putting out a post to remind everyone of one of my favourite Christmas traditions begins today.

The twelve-hour radio show, Christmas Across The Lands, will be running on numerous radio stations.

I wrote about the special broadcast last year. For those that are unaware, some radio stations across the world purchase the rights to air this show and have it on instead of regular programming from Christmas Eve right through Christmas.

It features Christmas music, trivia and interviews with famous people associated with this time of year (for example, famous voices from the movie Frosty the Snowman etc).

The host and person behind the idea is a man named Randy Sherwyn. He puts so much effort into this project every single year. It's really cool to listen to.

I urge you all to do a search for it. The station I first caught it on is Christmas FM from Dublin, but I have been able to find it online through American broadcasters.

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