Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 : The Year In Review

Welcome to the final post of 2015.

For the past few years, the December 31st posts have seen me look back to what I wrote on January 1st to see whether the predictions I made at the top of the year proved correct. Below are the prognostications I made at the start of 2015. Let's see how I did. Don't forget, tomorrow's post will include spoilers for 2016!

- Emma Summerhayes will be the character killed off in the New Year's Day episode of Eastenders

I had this one correct. I don't know if she died on the New Year's Day episode, but she was hit by a car and collapsed later on. She passed away shortly afterwards.

- On the subject of Eastenders, Jane Beale will be revealed as the murderer of Lucy Beale

Right track, wrong train. It was the youngest Beale member, Bobby.

- The Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl

Wrong track, wrong train.

- Here's one that I have changed my mind on since Monday. Originally, I was going to predict that Roman Reigns will win the Royal RumbleOn this past Monday's episode of Raw, Daniel Bryan returned and announced he would be an entrant in the thirty-man battle royal. I cannot see him coming back after being out for all this time and not winning. Also - remember all that trouble WWE found itself in during the build-up to WrestleMania XXX when the fans were angry that Batista won? The same thing could happen here if Reigns wins. So, to clarify: Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble.

Wow, well.. Roman Reigns did win the Royal Rumble. I switched my selection to Daniel Bryan, so I lost there. However, the thing I wrote about WWE repeating the mess they made in 2014 when they didn't have Daniel Bryan win the Rumble did happen. The reaction to Reigns winning was so negative that people were up in arms and threatening to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions. Hysterically, WWE Network numbers shot up at that point of the year.

- Seth Rollins will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion before April 1st

Kerching! He won the title after cashing in at WrestleMania.

- Rex Ryan will become head coach of the Atlanta Falcons

Nope, he went to Buffalo.

- Brock Lesnar will leave WWE in the spring and return to the UFC

No - he stayed.

- Speaking of the UFC, CM Punk WILL NOT make his UFC debut in 2015. However, a fight will be announced and it will be set to take place in 2016

Half right. He didn't make his debut and there has been talk of him fighting at UFC 200, but nothing is confirmed yet. Have to give myself half a point for that one.

- British and Irish WWE fans will be unhappy with the WWE Network's launch on these shores as the service will not include live WWE Pay-Per-Views (Hope I am wrong on this one!)

I was wrong! The PPVs are all part of the service.

- Manchester City will win the FA Cup

Umm.. I actually had to check this out.. Arsenal won.

- Arg from The Only Way Is Essex will make the headlines for wrong reasons in 2015. I don't watch the show, but have a feeling this is where he is heading based on the news stories I followed in 2014

I don't recall reading much about this prat in 2015. All good, right?

- Cardiff City will not be promoted to the Premier League

This was right on the money.

- I might as well predict Russell Slade will be sacked as Cardiff City manager

He's still in his job as of 28th December.

- Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will finally fight Manny Pacquiao

Boom! And it took place on my birthday, so was a good night.

- WWE Total Divas will finally get canned

Maybe in another year.

- Sammy Winward from Emmerdale will leave the show (already announced), but she will end up being a participant on I'm a Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing in 2015

She wasn't in either.

- The (now online) television series - Community - will not be renewed by Yahoo. However, a movie will go into pre-production


- The greatest of all time will retire

Not yet.

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