Monday, December 08, 2014

CM Punk Signs For The UFC

The plan for today was to write about this coming Monday's episode of WWE Raw as it is going to be the annual Slammy Awards.

I was going to look at the categories and predict the winner.

However, CM Punk got in the way.

When I was about to go to sleep on Saturday night, I logged into Twitter to see what was going on. Some of the people I follow were noting that the Ultimate Fighting Championship's president, Dana White, was going to make an announcement later that night.

Many were speculating it was the revelation that Punk had signed to fight for the UFC.

It wasn't a crazy suggestion. I wasn't buying it, though. My guess was they had finally reached an agreement to bring Gina Carano in.

Upon waking up, I turned over to read the news.


Like I noted - it isn't THAT crazy. After all, Punk has trained in martial arts. Still, it is huge news considering the guy hasn't fought professionally. But let's overlook that for the moment.

This is huge news for UFC. It's also significant for professional wrestling in a way. Punk is sure to bring in a new audience similar to the way Brock Lesnar did when he landed in UFC years ago.

It's a gamble for both parties, but the rewards that could come from this are - in my opinion -well worth it. Punk gets to tick off a bucket list wish and UFC is seen by new eyes.

2015 is shaping up to be an intriguing year, isn't it?

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