Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cam's Crash & Its Reaction

On Tuesday night, I found out that Carolina Panthers quarterback - Cam Newton - had been in a car crash.

I immediately scoured the Internet for news of how he was. I learnt that there was a crash that involved another car.

So, I read on.

When looking through Twitter, I noticed that a reporter for one of the sports channels in the USA had tweeted out something like:

'Don't be one of those people who ask me about Cam's chances of playing on Sunday for fantasy football purposes' 

Ironic, eh?

Wasn't stating something like that passive-aggressively (did I just make up a new term?) bringing up the topic of Newton's status for fantasy football purposes?

Wouldn't it have just been best to not note it? After all, somebody was going to ask before, or even after, the reporter warned against doing so.

You know, because Cam Newton's health is more important than football.

And it is.

However, in the sports reports I watched on Tuesday evening - I didn't hear how the other person involved in the crash was doing.

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