Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The WWE Network Non-Story

It pains me to write - once again - about the disaster that has become of the WWE Network UK rollout, but I think I should.

There was a story blown totally out of proportion yesterday stemming from an email that was sent to a Sky customer from Sky Customer Services.

In the customer's email to Sky, the question was asked whether the WWE Network will launch in the UK as a channel on Sky.

The reply:

Thank you for getting in touch with us about the WWE Network.
WWE Network will be an online service and will not be available on the Sky platform. For more information about WWE Network and their launch in the UK and Ireland in this instance I would refer you to their website.
Sky signed a new deal earlier this year with WWE to broadcast 12 pay per view events every year from January 2015 until 2019 exclusively in the UK and Ireland.
Once more thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

It didn't inform us of anything we didn't already know, but people seem to have latched onto the early part of the email that states that the WWE Network 'will be an online service'. We're already aware it's an online service. The question is - will it ever be a service available to the UK and Ireland (without the need of messing with IPs, obviously)?

The latter part holds firm the fact that Sky has an exclusive right to air the PPVs in this country.

With all that noted - it isn't news.

And nor will it be until we hear from the top of the totem pole at either Sky or WWE.

I am in two minds on how this will play out.

1) It will be rolled out to the UK just like the USA. However, due to Sky's broadcast rights, pay-per-views and some of the shows the Network airs that Sky has paid for (NXT and Main Event) will be blacked out until they debut on British/Irish screeens.

2) Sky and WWE will launch a channel in this country. I don't think it'll be a mirror image of the live WWE Network feed, though. I don't like the idea - just suggesting a possibility.

The bottom line is we won't know until there is an official release from Sky or WWE. Customer service replies ARE NOT NEWS.

I would obviously prefer the model the USA and other parts of the world get (other than Canada). I just cannot see it ever being a possibility due to the company's current and upcoming deal with Sky.

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