Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gemma Collins Leaves I'm A Celebrity 2014

Another 'celebrity' who ITV have an investment in and is the person my £1 bet has been placed. Hey, she was 20/1 and ITV will give her a lot of air-time. Do not be surprised if she becomes the over-reacting, annoying contestant that the fans will constantly ring in to vote on. I read yesterday's news and she already had a panic attack before the helicopter took off to take her to the camp. Will play up to the cameras. She knows how to play the game
- Three days ago

The only part that I was wrong with is the part where I stated that Gemma Collins would win I'm a Celebrity 2014.

Now, here's some things worth considering.

- ITV, knowing Collins would get voted to do a lot of the tasks, came up with an idea where they had viewers vote in to place one team into a jungle prison. The people ringing up went with Gemma Collins' team. What they didn't know, however, was that the prisoners wouldn't be in contention for the bushtucker trials.
That's quite a clever move, to be fair. Clever because it kept Collins out of the voting process as has become a trend in recent years where a disliked celeb has been monopolising the trials.
What seemed to be a clever idea on paper backfired, though, as the jungle prison led to Collins quitting.

- There are allegations that Gemma Collins was aware of a 72 hour rule where she wouldn't be paid if she walked out before that time. She managed to last until just after that time before making her exit. In my opinion, she should get a heck of a lot less than she had signed up for. Quantum meruit, and all that.

It's a shame she didn't stick through it all. I really did think she had the potential to win this year's series due to ITV having plans for her down the road.

They should cut bait now. It's quite embarrassing, to be honest.

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