Friday, November 07, 2014

2015 NFL International Series Games Announced

Yesterday, the National Football League announced the three games that will take place at Wembley Stadium in 2015.

The games are an AFC Division game between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins on October 4th, Buffalo Bills versus the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 25th and the Detroit Lions taking on the Kansas City Chiefs on the first of November.

Of the six teams listed, half of them will make their Wembley debuts. These are - the Jets, Bills and Chiefs.

Kick off times haven't been confirmed yet, but I'll make a bet that at least one of these games will have an early start.

I suppose it'll be similar to this season and will be the October 25th game as it coincides with our clocks changing to GMT and giving us a shorter time difference between the USA as that country changes its time a week later.

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