Saturday, October 25, 2014

WWE Network In UK - Will It Be Announced On Thursday?

Well, it's only a week to go when we're supposed to have an idea of what the WWE Network will look like in the UK.

The company noted that we would know 'by November 1st' after failing to honour the October 1st launch.

I don't think we'll have to wait until November 1st to have an idea on what to expect. My bet is WWE will reveal plans to launch over here when they hold the conference call to go through the third quarter earning results.

The call takes place this coming Thursday. It'll make for interesting reading as the Network debuted in other markets in the quarter so people are curious as to see whether WWE is any closer to hitting the 1.4 million subscribers needed to call the Network a success.

Announcing what ever deal they have to launch in the UK could be a nice diversion from disappointing numbers.

Another carrot, if you will.

Like I have stated in the past - I am not expecting a US-version of the Network. We'll have something similar to Canada where the product is delivered through cable.

The people at Sky aren't stupid, there's no way the company would allow WWE to undercut them. Not after signing a huge deal to keep WWE for the next handful of years.

I'd like to be wrong (obviously), but I cannot see us having it like the USA.

Not much longer to wait until we know for sure.

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