Monday, October 13, 2014

TNA : Bound For Failure?

TNA Wrestling aired its Bound For Glory pay-per-view from Japan last night.

As it was recorded in Asia, it went out on a tape delay. I would state that having the event on PPV not live might have hindered its chances of getting a decent amount of buys but let's be serious - it's TNA.

There wouldn't have been that many people interested, could there?

Unfortunately, I have a feeling last night's show was the final regular PPV event the company will produce. 

TNA is in a sorry state. It has been for years, but things are even worse now as the company's current TV deal with Spike TV ends in late December. 

Despite rumours that there are ongoing negotiations with potential channels, nothing appears to be getting anywhere. 

Have networks had enough of wrestling?

I repeat - it's a sorry state. Not just TNA, but for the entire wrestling business.

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