Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Odd Occurrence On Spreadsheet Day

It was Spreadsheet Day yesterday and I had a peculiar experience when working on one.

I left it late to start predicting how many goals some football matches will have over the weekend. It's usually done on Wednesday or Thursday but things got in the way, so I made a decision to do them yesterday evening.

I had the iPad beside me with Home & Away on and spent a good while putting data into the cells to work out which games to bet on.

Then - all of a sudden - the program shut itself down.

I had saved the page, but there was just too much missing. I worked out that I must have lost around fifteen minutes work and couldn't find any excuse to go through the effort of starting again.

Lazy? Probably.

Superstitious? Definitely.

I'm calling what happened yesterday - on Spreadsheet Day, nonetheless - a sign telling me to leave the goal markets alone this weekend.

So I have.

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