Thursday, September 25, 2014

WWE Network : Due In The UK Next Week, But Where's The Info!?

World Wrestling Entertainment fans within the UK and Ireland will have access to the WWE Network on October 1st.

Or that's what the story was months ago.

The company hasn't said anything since the October 1st date was announced and I'm curious to see if it really will see the light of day next Wednesday.

I'm even more curious to see what the deal will be in regards to live pay-per-views. 

I have had a bad feeling ever since the Network launched over in the US earlier this year that Sky will end up forcing WWE to have the shows blacked out for a period due to the company having exclusive rights to air WWE content in this country.

Believe me, it happens. I'm an NFL Gamepass customer and have seen it first hand. 

In the case of the NFL, the games that air live on Sky Sports at 6pm and 9:25pm on a Sunday are unavailable for twenty-four hours. 

Bear in mind this is Sky's premium channel. Can you imagine how they'll be with a pay-per-view event?

What ever happens, next week is sure going to be an interesting experience.

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