Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Want Me An Apple Watch

I noticed that the new iPhone 6 was being revealed yesterday, so tuned in to the live broadcast on my Apple TV.  The stream was out of sync or something, which meant that I was unable to catch it properly.

But, boy did I catch the Apple Watch.

Luckily for them, the video promoting the new invention was playing when I tuned in. As soon as it finished, it would repeat.

And repeat.

I ended up having to turn the event off because it wasn't working out for me, but it did give me enough time to think that the Apple Watch is going to be an amazing device.

The only drawback, from what I can see, is that you need an iPhone to use it. This more or less negates anybody who doesn't own an iPhone - or have any intention of buying one - from the equation.

The watch won't go on sale until some time in 2015. As for myself - I'll probably purchase one eventually.

I'm going to wait and see what public feedback is to them before I make a rash decision.

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