Sunday, July 20, 2014

The End Of PowerSlam

Professional wrestling magazine, PowerSlam, is no more.

This month's edition will be the final issue and I am very sorry to see it go.

I have purchased the magazine since its debut in the summer of 1994. I have never missed an issue. My collection goes back to three copies of its predecessor - Superstars of Wrestling.

It was a totally different time back when issue one came out. I didn't have Internet, so the only wrestling news I got was from PowerSlam. Going to WHSmith to pick up a copy each month was a ritual in itself.

As I was typing the last sentence above, I couldn't help but remind myself of an occasion where we had been delayed leaving Tenerife when I was sixteen. 

We had been awake for over a day. So, as soon as we got through the front door, the plan was to go and sleep for a few hours to catch what we missed. 

Not me. I was right back out, heading for the bus stop to get into town to buy the latest issue.

Anyway, back to the post..

The mag really did enlighten me on so much about the wrestling business. I didn't know of the underground culture of British wrestling fans before I read the letters page in the magazine. 

PowerSlam paved the way for me to find fanzines created by other fans and buy video tapes that traders had copied and sold on from wrestling promotions from Japan, Mexico, Europe and America.

Had it not been for the magazine, I would have known a lot less about the business than I do now. And for that, I am thankful.

Nothing but fond memories here.

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