Sunday, March 02, 2014

Guessing Medals

One of the things I will remember from this year's Winter Olympics is how the United States let me down.

Here's why.

A number of days before the opening ceremony, I saw that the Indianapolis Colts' owner, Jim Irsay was giving $13,000 and a Colts helmet to the person who guessed how many gold medals Team USA would win in the games.

Using my gambling mind, I checked the past few Winter Games medal tables. America had won 9 in 2010, nine in 2006 and 10 in 2002. I guessed it would be around that number this time around as well so had to make a choice.

Would they improve on 9 or 10?

I didn't think they would win nine for a third straight Games so decided they would improve from that number.

I settled for eleven.

The final count for 2014 - nine gold medals. So much for the aforementioned 'gambling mind' of mine.

Even if I had guessed correctly, I still would have ended up in a hat with other contestants so it was no guarantee I would have won. Still, it made me enjoy the games a little more than I would have otherwise.

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