Sunday, January 05, 2014

Premier League Season Handicap Betting 2013/14 : The Mid-season Table

One of the most popular searches that drives visitors to this blog concerns Season Handicap Betting. If you are unaware what it is, this post here tries to explain it.  If you're here to see how your Premier League handicap bet is doing for 2013/14, then this post may be of use to you.

I've calculated each team's actual score with the points the bookmakers had given them at the start of the season to come up with how the league tables are looking as of January 3rd (which is the day I worked them out). Below shows things are looking right now. Teams with the same points are ranked in order of actual league positioning.

Hull 69
Crystal Palace 67
Newcastle 66
Everton 64
Southampton 61
Stoke 61
Aston Villa 60
Norwich 60
Cardiff 60
West Brom 56
Fulham 56
Liverpool 55
Swansea 55
Arsenal 53
Tottenham 51
West Ham 51
Sunderland 51
Man City 44
Chelsea 44
Man Utd 36

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