Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Semis

It's the second year I have played in a proper NFL fantasy football league. In year number one, I wasn't that great. This time, however, I have made it to the playoffs which begin today.

I was the top player in the ten-team league so I'm up against the player who finished fourth

I already have 17.56 points before today's games kick off as my quarterback - Peyton Manning (who else was I going to draft first!?) - played on Thursday night.

17.56 is a good number to start off with but I am concerned that it may not be enough. I have to hope a number of my other players have better games than they've had so far this season just to make up more of a gap between my opponent and I.

If I win, I make it to next weekend's final. A loss will mean I play against the loser from the other match-up to work out who finishes third and fourth.

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