Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Disneyana Jones

I recently read online that Disney has purchased the rights to any future Indiana Jones movies which leads one to speculate that there will be further Indy films.

Bad idea.

Upon reflection, the fourth instalment was absolutely dreadful. Adding more titles to the franchise will do nothing but take away the greatness of the first three.

In my opinion, obviously.

It seems Paramount gets the better part of this deal. The film company will retain the rights to the first four movies and will get a share of the profits of any future titles, should Disney decide to produce more.

What would be interesting is if, in the future, Disney reboots the franchise and gets a new actor to take over from Harrison Ford.

If that does happen and it's simply Disney making an investment for the future then I have to take back my original thought.

Good idea.

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