Sunday, December 01, 2013

Defending The Player

I was listening to a football radio show that I often listen to when I am awake early and was surprised at the stance its presenter made when it came to Ryan Giggs and his accomplishments as a footballer.

Giggs turned forty the other day so the host took a pop at the media that had praised the player for still playing at the top of the game.

His angle was Ryan Giggs may be a good player on the pitch. His off-the-pitch drama, not so good.

He's welcome to his opinion if he were looking at the person. Giggs has brought that all on himself.

What I did roll my eyes to, however, was how the host used Luis Suarez to argue his point.

Yes, Suarez of all people.

When you try and make a point about a player like Giggs and use his home life to attack him and draw Luis Suarez in to counter your defence - you're on to a loser, in my book.

Ryan Giggs is the ultimate pro when contrasted with Suarez.

I don't recall Giggs biting opponents, using racial slurs or throwing his manager under the bus after giving his word he would so something.

When you host a show about football, that's what is should be about.

The media, that had been praising Ryan Giggs, were noting what he has done on the pitch.

I repeat.




I'm not writing this as a fan of Manchester United (I don't support them, anyway), nor am I defending Welsh football, despite being Welsh. I'm doing it because it's absolutely ludicrous to discount Giggs' achievements - and here's those words for one final time - on the pitch.

Here's the part where everything explains itself - the host is a Liverpool supporter. I should have started and ended it there.

It would have nullified his opinion immediately.

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