Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Weird Week 9

What a weird week it was in the National Football League.

Firstly, Denver Broncos head coach - John Fox - was hospitalised on Saturday after suffering from chest complaints. Then, during half-time of the Texans versus Colts game, Houston coach Gary Kubiak collapsed.

Coaching must be a stressful job.

A positive thing coming out of Sunday was the performance of Nick Foles.

The Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback threw seven touchdown passes in his team's game against the Oakland Raiders.

The last time a player threw seven touchdown passes was on the first day of the season when Peyton Manning dismantled the Baltimore Ravens in the season opener.

It took forty-four years before anybody could manage to tie the seven touchdown record so it's quite a surprise to see the feat achieved within weeks of each other.

With Foles' great week, it will now be interesting to see what becomes of Michael Vick. There's no way he will be in Philly next season.

Not after last night.

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